About Us

You have so many reasons to come to visit Sumba and stay at Mario Hotel Sumba to start with your adventures and the authentic surprises. Sumba is a virgin island to many things and to tourism and it is only one-hour fly time east of the island of Bali.

When you plan to visit around February and March, check the dates for Pasola the world only place for this unique ceremony where you can witness the brave man of Sumba riding horses and fighting each other using spears.

Although at present the Sumba people are either Catholic or Protestant but their route believes were Merapu who believe in animism, nature and supernatural. Their long previous lives are nomadic tribe where after an area is exhausted and not anymore fir tail, they move to make settlement on other areas. Lucky enough the Sumba Island is large, probably 3 times Bali and only 800,000 inhabitants.

You will find a lot of archeological sites, great traditional villages with large tombs in the middle of the villages, and unique tombs can be found everywhere in front of their homes for the burials of their ancestors. They respect their ancestors a lot and believe they always watch their daily well -beings.

Many people believe that this island was under water and sprung up little by little through millions of years, we can find lots of fossils of large shells on top the hills. They have no active volcanoes and never has been any volcanic eruption at the island of Sumba.

And this is why; the sands on the beach are all-pure from the dead corals million of years and are very clean soft and white all over the island. The best beach is known as Pantai Kita Mananga Aba, with truly wide sands between 30 – 60 meters from edge of the seawater, and friends found that the 7 kilometers long beach is protected by un touched living corals and beautiful colors of aquarium fish.

Snorkeling and Diving can be done directly from the beach, which is starting only 20 meters away from the water edge and it is wide and long, only after 200 meters away the seabed become deeper before the 200 meters it is around 7 – 20 meters deep. In the morning while drinking coffee you may watch many dolphins playing around in about 100 meters from the beach water edge, such a panoramic sight from Mario Hotel and Cafe Sumba.

Mario Hotel Sumba was built on this jungle, yet it is only 15 minutes away from the Tambolaka Airport. Behind the hotel the Government already started to build road that is 200 meters away from the beach on to the airport and to Waikelo Harbor, and when the bridge is done, it will only take 7 minutes from the Airport to Mario Hotel and Café.

It is the quietest part of the beach, in the middle and at night you will hear only the sound of the waves, it is facing north 180 degrees of ocean right now so that both sun rise and sun set can be seen everyday. The air is so clean and at night we can see much more stars than from many other places in the world, and the closest village where people live are more than 4 kilometers away.

Mario Hotel and Cafe is a great place for those who seek for peace and quietness.

From the 60 rooms plan to be built, now only 2 Bungalows, 12 Beach View Rooms and 4 Jineng House are ready and each room is a full ocean view room, when it is clear far in the distance you will see the Sumbawa, the Komodo and the Flores islands. Enjoy our luxury pool with infinite view to the ocean.

Mario Hotel Sumba, where sunrise meets sun set everyday.